Most Beautiful Places for Landscape Photography

Most Beautiful Places for Landscape Photography

There are many beautiful places all around the world. As a photographer you don’t get a chance to see all of them. Yet there are places which you just can’t miss especially if you love landscape photography and are impressed with the work of famous landscape photographers.


Iceland is Europe’s least densely populated country but the second largest island and one of the richest in terms of scenic beauty. Squirting mud pools and geysers, chilling glaciers and lush green mountains make this country one of the best places for landscape photography.


Australia is world’s sixth largest country by area and rightly so deserves to be one of the best places for landscape photography. If seascapes are your favorite subject of landscape, Australia is world’s largest island; if you are looking to capture some forests, Australian rainforests in the north east are calling you;

New Zealand

Another island nation on this list, New Zealand offers 15,000 kms of coastline with sandy beaches, astounding glaciers, jagged mountains, endless plains and prairies, subtropical forests, arresting bays and a volcanic plateau. You name a landscape and New Zealand is ready with it.


Occupied by one of most scenic mountain series in the world ‘The Alps’, Switzerland has a lot to offer to a photographer for landscape photography. The green valleys of Jungfrau Region covered with three mountain peaks of Alps, filled with mountain and woodland the Swiss National Park in Zernez, The Matterhorn in Zermatt: the most famous peak of Alps and the Rhine falls near Schaffhausen are some of the places you would like your camera to scurry along with and to capture them as landscapes.

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